Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grace and Courtesy

Grace and courtesy are part of the life lessons learned under the practical life principle. Montessori teaches children acceptable behaviour through exercises which display respect and kindness to others. They are taught how to speak politely to others and resolve conflicts peacefully. This is done by explaining different situations in simple terms and demonstrating the behaviour the child needs to display. Role playing is an effective method of teaching young children good manners.

My son loves to read books and as a way of introducing a fun new way of explaining grace and courtesy to him, I have enlisted the help of Storybird. Storybird is a website that allows users to create personalised stories that are fun, social and easy. It is a highly interactive website that encourages users to create stories (either individually or as a collaborative effort) using the artwork of various artists who post their creations to the site. Below is a story I created titled 'Feeling Cranky'. You can view my other Storybirds, or you can sign up and create your own.

Feeling Cranky by Janelle on Storybird

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